Rising Depression

Over the past few weeks I have read a number of articles about the situation of Depression in our society. A number of doctors have suggested that by the year 2010 the number one rising illness will be Depression. It was suggested that more drugs have to come through the pipeline to combat this growing problem. One of the definitons of Depression is “repressed anger”. Are we becoming more and more angry because of the lack of ways we are finding to deal with the pain in our lives? I think many of us are feeling a lack of control over our lives…..kind of like a plane without a pilot, or a plane that does not go where we want it to go….no wonder we’re frustrated. In some cases medication is needed…but I find it hard to believe that the entire solution for society is permanent medication!

I know in my case I need to feel a sense of purpose and control over my life. I believe that we live on two levels…..physically and spiritually. Could it be, myself included, that we don’t see our spiritual needs as a priority for our physical well-being all of the time? Far too little is mentioned about the importance of the Soul and how it is needed to balance our lives. We all need to feel that there is a purpose to our lives. When that purpose is lacking we run into trouble. Nothing seems to make sense. In my case I try to put fifteen to twenty minutes a day aside to relax, get centered, and yes, pray. I find worshipping on Sundays with others in church a healing experience… I don’t feel alone…I see how we all can help each other. With God’s help, together we can find solutions. As the baby-boomers move towards their age of retirement my pastor has told me that more people are starting to return to church. Could it be they have found that all the money, all the cars, all of the material toys that they have at their disposal has left them feeling a void that is hard to fill? In some cases, many have not participated in a world of booming wealth…but they too feel the void.

I hope that in the coming years the focus will shift to a better understanding of why so many people are unhappy and angry. Until then, take care of yourself, feed your body…. feed your soul.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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