Life, What’s It All About?

Over the past few weeks I have read and heard a growing number of comments from people about their purpose and value in this world. Many out there are searching for meaning and understanding concerning who they are and what it is they are to do here with their lives. A friend recently said to me “I don’t get it, I have a nice car and a nice home but a feeling of emptiness is growing inside of me.” I for one need to feel that I am contributing to myself and to others, so that I can end each day with a sense of being and accomplishment. Some do feel complete, but from what I’m hearing and seeing, many don’t. The increase of disenchantment in people is alarming. Many of us have found Jesus and God the only way to fill the void, but others feel lost.

One person said to me a few days ago, “We are born, we make money, raise children, then we die…… that’s it?” The people lost in the wilderness is growing ….if you know some, help them. Emptiness is a very lonely place. As I have said before, the soul must be nourished, spiritual fuel is vital in the quest for fulfillment. Man doesn’t have all the answers, but if we look up and pray maybe with God’s help we may find some. I believe there is a plan and a purpose to each one of us being here………we all matter.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1997 Jennifer Avalon

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