A Nation Holds Its Breath

Over the next few days a story is about to be played out that could have incredible ramifications for the people here in my country, the United States of America. These types of things have come and gone in many countries around the world…..some proven false, some not. Within the past twenty four hours numerous television stations and newspapers have one story on the table. The Pope visited Cuba for the first time….an historical occasion, yet, it was reduced to sound bites because of the evolving problems at the White House. These are not happy days for Americans, nor should they be….no matter which “side” you’re on.

The questioning has begun. No matter what happens, over the next few months America is beginning a process of looking inward. At this point in history the questions that need answers now are Who are we? What have we become? and Where are we going? I have met some wonderful people during the past year who are out there doing incredible things in their own way to make their lives and others better. I have also met some people who appear to be spiritually bankrupt…no hope, no love, and on the verge of giving up. That, I can say, is heart-breaking.

Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. What’s important is that once we find the damage we repair it and try the best we can to continue on. Some things are wrong, and some things are right. Deep down inside we all know the difference. We all may have different points of view but how healthy can we stay and maintain a quality of life if we embrace what’s wrong, and allow it to guide us? I have met people with drug-dependency and they have told me one of the hardest things they had to come to terms with was admitting that what they were doing was a problem and how it was affecting their lives and their families.

Through our lives we learn to deal with anger and pain in our own way. Some use addictions, but one way or another the anger and pain will raise its head. Many of us chase peace of mind and look in all directions to try to find it. We search for the tools that are needed to help us build a life of bliss. It is not an easy journey. Our leaders are not perfect either, but we do look to them for guidance. If the guidance deteriorates then we become a ship without a wheel. I, like many, look to God for guidance…but we do need leadership also from our elected officials.

In the end, we are human beings. Some build, some destroy…..and then in the middle are many who have choices to make.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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