Don’t Fear Change

Too many of us change is a very frightening thought. Change can be exciting, and the acceptance, in some cases, of the unknown. Change represents the future….a direction at a given moment of where we are heading. The concept of what once was is evolving into something else.

There is great comfort in memories. Images that we can conjure up at any given moment to remember the good times, and images of how we want to see ourselves and the world. They may not be realistic sometimes, but we wrap ourselves around them as some form of protective blanket that shields us from the cold of the unknown. There is only one problem with this….at one point our memories were in the present…we lived them, and they became the past. Don’t get me wrong, there is something wonderful to be said about holding onto wonderful memories….but it’s important that we use them as springboards that can vault us ahead into the direction we choose to go….but if all we do is hold onto the memories, we in some way, stop growing, and our library of memories is no longer being contributed to with fresh input.

Time puts change right in front of our faces everyday. Time brings us on a collision course with what was, what is, and what will be…..that is what becomes the basis of the problem. We either have to take control of our lives, or we become victims of the life that is taking place around us. In other words, you either generate the change, or the change generates you. Even when we choose not to make changes, things around us are changing…and they can have a direct affect on us anyway. As I write this, I am focusing on my thoughts, while at the same time, I can hear the cardboard boxes I put out last night being picked up for recycling by the sanitation men, the clock is ticking telling me that it is getting closer for me to go to the post office and mail off some letters, the clouds look to be gathering for an early afternoon storm. The point I am trying to make is, while you’re focusing on one thing, other occurrences are happening around you that can just as greatly affect your life.

Many people who write to me talk about their fears, hopes and dreams. In some cases, they feel powerless over what is happening in their lives. I know bad things happen to good people, and that one day all of us pass on to the next world, but a good percentage of your life and how you react and receive it, is in your hands. You are the captain of the ship…the engineer of the train…you have power over your own life. Yes there were some wonderful times, but don’t be afraid to create new ones. This life of ours is an adventure….I think it was meant to be that way….an ever evolving story that I believe, never really ever ends….part of the “Book of Life”. We all contribute to that book in one way or another.

I used to fear change very much. I looked on change as a very scary occurrence…then one day, I realized it will happen with or without my approval. I decided if there was to be change, I wanted some say in the matter. Now I look upon change as a way for me to correct my mistakes, and hopefully, evolve into a better person. I took control, and with some help from above, my ship these days is sailing a lot better. I found that when I made peace with my fears, change became a friend.

Sail on,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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