Find Your Fuel

Each week for my essay I try to search for symbols to describe in one form or another the message I am trying to convey. This week I have chosen cars……yes, each one of us in one way or another can look upon ourselves as a vehicle. We drive around the road of life at all different speeds, through all kinds of weather. How our car performs is determined by how we maintain our engines, and the selection of fuel we use to power our journey.

Fuel is needed to keep our cars fully charged so that we can continue on to the destinations we choose each day, week and year. So many of us because of negativity, fear and lack of energy at some point during our week start to run low on gas or fuel. How and where we choose to refuel our tanks is up to us. Like a car the type of fuel we use can affect the performance of the vehicle. In human terms we too need refueling from time to time. What’s important is to know where your gas station exists.

Many find prayer a form of recharging and centering…others look to a good conversation with a close friend, or family member. I sometimes find visiting an art gallery or seeing a show at a museum a good form of spiritual nourishment. The arts, in whatever form, can be a wonderful place to find inspiration and peace. No human engine can run twenty four hours a day without some form of rest. What we choose to do during those rest periods determines how far our vehicle can go on its next trip.

I’ve called this essay “Find Your Fuel” because I feel it is so important for each one of us to find the things that we need to maintain and carry on our lives in a manner that can lead us to find each successive level of living. Like a good night’s sleep, so too are our periods of rest, when we re-fuel vital components that are necessary to our health. When you find those sources of pure energy, jot them down……you will find that when you are feeling low they will be there to give you the strength and courage when needed. Fuel is out there for us to find.

Don’t forget to fill up,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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