The Maze

Whenever we are confronted with a problem, goal, or at an impasse, I believe we enter a configuration called The Maze. You know what a maze is….remember as children we used to look at mice darting around trying to find their way out through the other side, how we used to see an overview and chuckle at the decisions each mouse would make to get out of the maze. Well, I know we’re not mice, but perhaps for us as humans in some strange way the same rules apply. When we are faced with a problem we enter The Maze. Each direction looks identical, but as we proceed ahead we hope we have chosen the right one which will lead us to the way out, and the overcoming of the problem. The solving of our dilemma is discovering the corridors that lead to a dead-end, and as we back-track we discover the pathways not to go down. By a process of elimination we continue the search for the corridor that has no blockage. The Maze is a place where we not only solve our problems and accomplish our goals, but most importantly it is a place where we find out who we are.

In life we continually enter and hopefully leave the mazes that are put before us. The Maze is a place where you can ask for help…..maybe others before us have been in the same maze, and with their help they can show us the pitfalls to avoid, so that we can find the way out a little faster. You can also ask for help from above. There is a benefit to having an overview of The Maze of Life.

We may all feel that we are different from the rest….but really are we? We all have problems we have to overcome, many of us feel a need to accomplish something with our lives, a lot of us want to love and be loved and all of us confront The Maze. The fear is that we become trapped within The Maze, with a sense of no way out, but the more we discuss and share ideas, the walls within the maze can begin to break down, and the fears subside. The greatest illusion of all is that we are alone with our problems.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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