Invest in Yourself

A number of people each week write to me about their financial concerns and how it affects their personal lives. I do believe a persons value should not be based on their accumulation of assets and wealth….however, it does affect lives. The amount of debt that we acquire and investments we gain does have a direct influence over the decisions we make daily. One can easily feel like a bouncing ball, powerless over the direction that ones life is taking.

There are so many ways to make money, and just as many ways to lose it…but in one way or another it all starts from the core of who we are….that’s why I believe the best form of investment is investing in yourself first. When you invest in yourself, you learn new skills, feel a sense of control over your life, and gain inner confidence. Each day you can implement the changes that are needed to bring about financial stability and preparation for difficulties that can arise from bills and monetary troubles. It’s amazing how much we spend on things that give us only temporary enjoyment and zero long-term fulfillment. Yes it’s wonderful to have a little fun once in a while but it’s important to keep track of the expenses because if let get out of control they can cause difficulties.

A person can never learn enough. There are so many ways we can grow. Some people will have a hard time at watching you implement changes because it changes their perception of who they think you are. That’s okay….but don’t be afraid to say “It’s okay to grow”. If it’s education that’s wonderful… can even be reading a book at home…but whatever you choose it’s important that it helps you increase the value you have to yourself. In the workplace these days we always have to keep learning new systems, and new ways to tackle old problems. It’s important to embrace those changes and find ways to implement ideas to make the job better.

It all starts with us. The value that you feel personally and the contributions that you make to your personal growth does have a spill-over effect to all facets of your life. It can enhance relationships and yes, increase your overall income. The danger is stagnation. Life is a process of continuous growth and change…things come, things go, and hopefully we become better people because of it. There are wonderful things for us to do out there….don’t be afraid to try. You’re worth the investment.

Follow your heart,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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