The Spiritual Revolution

Everywhere you look these days there are television shows, books, newspaper articles and music etc. with one thing, in one way or another, in mind…..Spirituality. With each passing day the hunger grows for answers. Many are searching for the reasons why they are here. The publishing houses say they cannot release books on this subject matter fast enough. James Van Pragh, author of the book “Talking To Heaven” was a recent guest on the Larry King Live show on CNN. The response was so overwhelming, Larry invited him back faster than any guest who had been on his show before.

All these things are not a coincidence…something is definitely going on here. Some say it’s because the baby-boomers are getting older…others say it’s because we’re approaching the Millennium….perhaps so, but one thing is very clear….mankind is starting to look beyond its physical boundaries in larger numbers. The world around us is getting smaller because of technology, like the Internet….the distance between each one of us is shrinking fast. Maybe deep inside we all know we have to start looking at each other with more humanity.

People are starting to return to their churches and houses of worship in growing numbers, while others are taking up yoga and meditation to release the stresses of the day. Many are seeking out ways to better connect to their spiritual consciousness, and practice rituals that can keep them focused on a Higher Power.

If in the sixties we had the Sexual Revolution, I do believe we are now entering a span of time of self-discovery, brotherhood, and enlightenment…..a Spiritual Revolution of the mind, body and soul. I believe Humanity cannot continue to progress unless it embraces the fundamentals that we live on more than one level. Maybe all of us deep down inside know that if this planet is to continue for the next hundred years with the technology that is evolving, we are going to have to find better ways to understand each other and get along. “I am right and you are wrong” no longer works….but did it ever?

I’m reminded of the original Star Trek television series, each episode still repeated in many countries. Remember each week how we used to see Captain Kirk and the crew come to terms with all these different life forms? It wasn’t easy….but as Mr. Spock used to say, “Logic must prevail”. Well, it’s not easy here either! But let’s hope humanity prevails. From what I see and the letters I receive, I believe it will.

“Live Long and Prosper”,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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