The Human Layers

We all come into this world as pure loving souls….creatures that upon entering, through the senses, instantaneously start taking in information. Even at an early age, we start developing internal rules to live by…..influences that shape our thoughts and dreams. As we grow each year the knowledge and experiences start to take on layers around an initial core that is the center of who we are. Progressing through life, we continually add layer upon layer as ways to accumulate a form of library and protection as a reference for us to move forward.

Think of your life as an onion….as you can see, there is the seed in the center and spiraling around it are the skins or layers. As the onion grows the layers are also increased. Why is it when we peel away the layers of an onion, we cry? And in many cases when we peel away our own layers, tears are also shed….the foundation of what we truly are is the core and as we live we add good layers and bad layers. Many times with all these skins around us we forget that the pure child (core) stays within us until our passing.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and we were exchanging words to express what we thought about certain issues. After about fifteen minutes both of us began to realize that certain words had different meanings to each other. Isn’t it interesting…we both spoke the same “language”, but within that language it was so easy to be mis-understood. As a human family we have so many barriers…language, race, religion, emotions, etc. It’s so easy for conflict to occur. No wonder people take each other the wrong way.

As we live our lives adding these layers that accumulate within us it’s important to take time to peel them back to see the core of who we truly are, because with all the information floating around out there some of our most important thoughts and feelings sometimes get lost within the layers. I often end my messages with the words “Take the time to love”….the word “time” is very important, because in this busy world to stop and listen is vital to truly experience love. The ultimate human experience is to surround the core with Love.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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