Courage to Live

I receive many letters each week from people telling me how they persevere through and overcome the obstacles that they face in life. Each obstacle that stands before us looks like a huge mountain that we seem incapable of climbing…but if you gaze across the land and look very carefully you can see many people climbing those mountains. It takes tremendous faith and conviction to press forward through all forms of weather that we face in this life…bless all of you who muster the courage to battle on.

Isn’t it interesting how easy it is to give up, roll over and quit in life? For every one reason to continue there are ten that tell us “Don’t bother”…..”Do you know what the odds are?”….”Are you crazy?” Well, some of the most important ideas and inventions have been created by people who were told at the time they were either crazy or dreamers. One example that comes to mind is Thomas Edison. Recently on a PBS Profile it was mentioned that Edison had to devise a way to market electricity for people to find it useful! He went to Wall Street to explain to the companies that it would be much safer and cost-effective for the lighting to be changed from gas lamps to electric. At first they thought “This guy is out of his mind”…..thank God he persevered to explain to them step by step what an important form of energy this could be. I believe there are other people like Thomas Edison out there today…and just as importantly, we need them to state their case….you never know, it just could be an idea that you have in your own mind.

While many of us try so hard to move onward and upward there seems to be so many naysayers. Everywhere you look there seems to be more re-enforcements for quitting than for trying….you start to believe, is all this work really worth it? Well if it’s to progress you or society forward it is worth it. Jealousy, rage, and anger comes in many different shapes and sizes….and I’m afraid to say sometimes the people closest to you have a hard time seeing you succeed. We are all damaged in different ways….some try to repair the bruises, others try to inflict them. That is why it takes courage to live. Any way you can, surround yourself with thoughts and people who can become a protective armor against the negativity and doubts that bombard you everyday. It can get you through some of the most trying times, but you will learn from those times….and press on.

It is so easy to be a nasty person…it takes a lot more courage to be kind and good.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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