Emotional Freedom

There are quite a number of things that can affect the quality of each day….a meeting that doesn’t go according to plan, a bill that needs to be paid, etc., but one thing that seems to stand out above the rest is how we truly feel about ourselves. Our inner personal feelings act like a compass to show us which direction to take. The contents of those inner feelings and the mixture of those emotions fall on our shoulders. I know life is not perfect, and yes, bad things sometimes happen to good people, but overall how we look at and think about who we are and what we can do has a profound affect over our lives, and the lives of others.

We are deeply affected by how our parents feel about us. Also true is how siblings, family members, and friends view who we are to them. In a perfect world, with everything equal, where fairness reigns, there would be no need for concern of how all these people can impact on our lives…. but as you know, this world isn’t perfect and neither are we. Many of us so easily can get caught up in chasing the acceptance and affections of those we hold dear to us. In some cases, how other people feel about us becomes more important than how we feel about ourselves. Therein lies the case for emotional freedom. Love is a very powerful word that can be used in many different kinds of conversations. But in some cases I’m afraid we’re not talking about Love….but rather Control. There are some out there who use Control as a very destructive weapon. On the insecure and fearful, this can become a life-changing experience. Emotional thievery at the highest of levels. How you feel about yourself is replaced by how they feel about you. So sad, but so true in many cases. I know we do have good people in our lives, but it’s important to see the difference between those that give and those that just take.

A healthy heart and a healthy soul are the main ingredients to provide emotional freedom. It isn’t easy…it takes work…but each day you will find yourself moving closer to peace and tranquility. The things you have to let go of may be the hardest. Guilt, Anger, and Pain have to be shed and released to give room for Love, Hope, and Healing. I find tremendous strength in prayer. It is my way to connect with God, and find a better understanding of who I truly am. Others may find a deep conversation with a close friend or loved one…. but the main point is people that really love us are happy for us when we move ahead. And those that pretend to love us need to control, trap, and stagnate our growth. It is up to each one of us at certain points to re-evaluate the people around us…..a reality check. The truth shall set you free….

Take the time to love your self,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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