Shine a Light

It seems very easy in life to allow darkness to creep into the picture that represents us. The darkness is a place of no answers…a place full of confusion, negativity and despair. To arrive at this place sometimes all it takes is making the wrong turn along the winding road of destiny. When one is surrounded by darkness the senses are impaired…the direction to proceed becomes vague. It’s easy to get lost.

I know all of this may sound bleak, but many live with these feelings everyday. Some of us, including myself, at some point in our lives know far too well this touch of emptiness. But it can be turned around. The one thing that darkness fears more than anything else is Light. Light reveals, Light uncovers, and Light heals. The world of darkness is an atmosphere full of smoke and mirrors…once Light penetrates, the illusions have nowhere to hide. In your home tonight go into a room with a flashlight and turn off all the lights. Once your eyes soak in the darkness turn on your flashlight and shine it around the room. The beam cuts through the darkness like the blade of a knife, and the darkness recedes. The same rules apply in life. Once we allow Light to engulf our surroundings, over time the brightness grows stronger. The pupils of our eyes begin to adjust and take in more information. In our world there are truly for us different forms of Light. Physical Light, which includes electricity, fire and sunlight; Mental Light, which represents knowledge, information, wisdom and determination; and Spiritual Light, the relationship between the human being and God. These are our weapons against the darkness. At certain points in our lives we call upon these components, individually or collectively to help us find our way. They are available for the asking.

Each day there are always more than one reason to dive into the pool of darkness. Every morning we all must turn on our Lights to show each other and those beyond this world that separately and collectively we can shine a Light bright enough to be seen throughout the Universe. As our eyes become adjusted to the Light we will be able to see the bigger picture.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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