Keep on Truckin’

Here we are about halfway through the year. Many of our New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside, but perhaps some of them took hold and came to life. Each year we make promises to ourselves to implement changes that are necessary for us to lead a more fulfilling and productive life. Each succeeding month we are met with a barrage of reasons to abandon our goals and somewhere inside we seek to find the strength to fight the negativity. Well whatever it is you’ve been trying to accomplish with your life this year, “keep on truckin”…with the right amount of persistence and energy the walls that try to stop you do start cracking. There are basically two ways to look at life….either it is within your power to bring about changes to better your life, or sit in a chair and do nothing and let the world dictate the changes for you.

I call this essay “Keep on Truckin” because like the trucker, he or she has to press on through the darkest of nights through all kinds of weather to get the job done. If you know some truck drivers you’ll know this is not always an easy task. The trucker knows that he can only drive a certain amount of hours a day before a rest is needed…..but along the road there are many other “compadres” who battle the same elements. Well as you battle to accomplish your goals in life you will find you too have “compadres” who share your vision. We all need fuel and the ability to take care of our “rigs”… sharing information at “rest stations” we recharge each other’s batteries for the next leg of the journey. Faith is a necessity, for without belief there can be no end to the road, the accomplishment of the mission. For me that entails Faith in Myself, Faith in Mankind, and Faith in God.

We’re all really not so different…there are those out there who capitalize on building barriers between people, but most of us really want a little fulfillment, to take care of our families, and leave behind a little love. Some of us have been so beaten down by life that we wonder, why bother? Well the obstacles only win when you quit. You can be a winner. If your truck breaks down, or gets a flat tire, there is help, and once the repairs are made it is possible to turn the key, start the engine, and get right back on the road.

Have a great trip!!

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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