True Education

How much do we know and really think about what affects us daily? Yes a good education is valuable indeed, but how many questions get left unanswered or perhaps not even asked in the halls of learning? Over 50% of what affects the quality of our lives depends pure and simply on finance and our understanding of it. The way we handle the money we make can become the difference between night and day. Balancing checkbooks, investing, paying bills, etc. are skills that we must have to be responsible for ourselves and our families. Without this insight we eventually can lose control over our destinies.

There are many illusions floating around out there. I being in the music business can use one as an example: Did you know that 97% of CD’s released each year never make any money? The bulk of the profit is based purely on that remaining 3%. Just because you’re on radio or television doesn’t mean you’re making money.
Most top money investors will tell you that over the long-term the best place to invest your savings is in the stock market. How many people out there have you met who are absolutely terrified of investing one dime in the stock market? Isn’t it interesting that some of those same people have no problem taking five dollars a week to buy lottery tickets?

Why is this important to mention? Because I don’t hear too many people talking about it. If you’re not rich, you’re considered “not smart enough.” That’s not true…you just didn’t get the chance to get your hands on the right tools. Well, it’s never too late. Each week set aside a little time to look over your finances…see where all your money is going. These days budgeting has become a necessity, but in some circles it’s looked upon as a dirty word. It’s not. It’s just smart. I think it’s also important to put aside a little time and or money to either give to charity, or do something good for someone. Believe me, it comes back tenfold.

I wish money didn’t matter, but unless we find another way to exchange finances on this planet, we’re stuck with it. Take the bull by the horns and learn as much about it as you can. That way, the ball is more in your court. What consoles me in this train of thought is knowing that someday we will return to a place where no money is needed….where only the goodness of our souls and the history of our hearts will matter. God doesn’t care if we make a million or not…I believe He cares if we were responsible towards the people we love, and ourselves. It’s what we do with our money on this earth that shows part of who we are on the inside.

Take the time to learn,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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