Circle of Friends

One of the great things about writing a weekly newsletter is that it gives me the opportunity to connect with a number of people whom I consider my friends. Each week I receive many E-Mails from around the globe, every one equally important, regardless of economics and/or social position. The Internet gives us all the ability to make the playing field equal. Many of us have started “Buddy-Lists” as a way to stay in contact with those we enjoy communicating with. Quite a number of people have also mentioned to me that for the first time in many years they get to chat with members of their families that they haven’t seen in ages. Used the right way, E-Mails and Websites can build stronger foundations and increase the Love between us all.

In the past, the way to get messages to people included pony express, trains, planes and boats, many of them having to cover vast distances to get their letters and packages to their destinations. Before, when you composed a letter, first you had to write it, seal it in an envelope and provide postage. Over the course of 3 to 7 days your thoughts and wishes would arrive at the doorstep of the intended. Those were the days of “delayed messages.” Today, with good access, that same message can almost instantaneously arrive in the mailbox of the same person through an E-Mail. Why is all this important? We are running out of excuses for why we don’t communicate more. It always takes the first person to make a bold step. We all have friends and family members that we would love to talk more to, but because of life’s interruptions time can just go by, and then one day we may receive a phone call that fills us with regret. Think to yourself, who in your life would you enjoy hearing from on a regular basis? Granted, that would take an E-Mail account, but with all the cyber-cafes popping up around the world and many at work having Internet access, all that may be needed is to make the initial connection. It’s already happening. Some families and pals get together weekly in chat-rooms. They learn about things that they never knew about each other. I guess sometimes the screen can provide an interesting alternative to a face to face meeting.

Alot of us have so much more Love to give if we only could find the time and the means. These “little” computers can do tremendously “big” work. Each day can be a new beginning…it’s never too late to build a circle of friends.

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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