Shield of Armor

I believe each one of us wears a shield of armor. Hopefully, we choose to fight on the side of Good, not Evil. Whether we like it or not the decisions we make on a daily basis are projected outward, reflecting on ourselves and on others. These decisions paint a picture of how people see us on this planet. Yes we are human, and we all make mistakes, but it’s very important to learn from those mistakes so that the image we hold of ourselves is as close to the true image of ourselves as possible. The condition and strength of this shield of armor can be greatly affected by the choices we make.

It’s very interesting that as we age and grow older we begin to come to terms with what we haven’t accomplished and the mistakes we have made. Much of the time we spend punishing ourselves for our failures, and then we allow others to do the same. Why this focus on what we haven’t done? I don’t really know. If we look at it from another angle the glass is half-full, not half-empty. It’s important because the health of our shields depends on how we take care of them. If we abandon and neglect these shields of armor we become weaker and ultimately defenseless.

Life is a battle that in many cases is not fair, but we fight on. The enemy is the feeling of being alone. You are not alone. We are all soldiers of one kind or another, choosing sides as we go along. Alienation eventually leads to anger, withdrawal, depression and defeat. We fight together on many grounds, a human army searching for answers.

If we are truly God’s Children, there is meaning to these battles of life we fight. Much to overcome, much to rise above. How we get there is up to us. Free will prevails. We all get wounded, but if our shields are strong the wounds heal faster and we live to fight another day. Some people spend their lives inflicting wounds, taking no responsibility for the hurt they cause, while others choose love as their legacy. I believe Love makes a person grow stronger, while Hate robs a human of their strength.

How do we have strong shields of armor? Coat them with Love, Compassion, Awareness, and Faith. These are the true weapons against Evil. We are all tempted by Evil everyday….. hopefully we make the right choices. Armor that is stronger than steel, gleaming with Love, can be seen from many miles away, a beacon of Hope to show that all things are possible. Add a helmut of Faith, and no force can defeat you.

Take the time to Love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1998 Jennifer Avalon

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