Great Divide

One of the greatest mysteries we will face in our lifetime is the premise of Life, and Life after Death……the Great Divide….the barrier between this world and the next. Many on our planet see Death as the final chapter….even some who believe in God wonder sometimes. Could it be we have not learned as a society how to use other areas of perception to seek out the physical evidence or proof that some crave for? For example…a good murder mystery teaches us that the evidence to solve the crime is sometimes in the places where we least expect it. As technology evolves, and science incorporates tests like DNA, etc., the tools that we use to analyze evidence are advancing daily. What would once be disregarded as proof, over time, is embraced as fact. A hundred years ago the visionaries that saw airplanes, submarines, and a man walking on the moon were called “crazy.” Today, it is simply accepted as a way of life. When we lose a loved one, the first level of perception feels hurt and emptiness. The sense of loss is overwhelming. As the weeks roll by we go through the deceased belongings, possessions, and photographs, flooding us with memories, laughter and tears. Before my maternal Grandmother from California passed away she told me that she saw the monarch butterfly as a “free spirit.” A week to the day she died I was walking on Lexington Avenue in New York City, and suddenly “out of the blue” a monarch butterfly flew right in front of me. Was it a coincidence, or her way of sending me a message that she was okay? One thing I believe, the more open we allow ourselves to be, the more we see.

Faith does enter into the picture, and I believe in Heaven, but it is the sense of loss that we deal with here. Maybe we don’t really have to wait until we die to feel and experience our deceased loved ones. Energy doesn’t die…sometimes it just changes form. One day you could be walking through a room in your house and a feeling will come over you and you’ll ask yourself, “What was that?” just as you are thinking about someone who passed on. Another coincidence? Or perhaps one more clue to solving the mystery of Life.

As the years roll on and we look back and we start adding up all these little “coincidences” and experiences, with each one we come closer to bridging the “Great Divide.”…the area where this world and the next intertwine. I don’t have all the answers…..but I too have my collection of “coincidences,” and with each one my understanding and Faith grows. A great scene in the movie “Titanic” was when Rose finally died, her spirit returned to the Titanic where all her friends, including Jack, her beloved, were waiting to greet her. Jack told Rose on that fateful night, “Rose, I will never leave you.” He kept his promise.

Trust the Promise,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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