Great Divide Part 2

This week I would like to push the envelope a little further in some thoughts about what I call the “Great Divide, ” the area where this world and the next intertwine.

Is it possible for an open communication line to develop between us and our deceased loved ones and friends? I’m not talking about hocus-pocus, seances, etc., but a personal exchange. How much can we hear if we cover our ears? How much can we see if we shade our eyes? As humans, everyday we transmit and receive thoughts to each other in all different forms of communication. Is it possible for the same skills to be raised to the next level? Energy does not die, so in theory and Faith, do we ever really die? Almost all of our major religions are based on communicating with deceased Great Ones. Each week around the world millions pray to Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and God. Do these people believe that their prayers are not being heard? I don’t think so. Then why can’t it be possible for our loved ones who have passed on to also hear our prayers…..

Sometime this week pick a space or a room where you can be alone with your thoughts. Make it as comfortable as possible, and allow your heart and mind to open up. Before I do this I always say a prayer for God’s Love to surround me. Some people call this meditation…..a form of quiet to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings, and perhaps the thoughts and feelings of those loved ones who have passed on. Many here on earth use prayer and meditation as forms of communication with Heaven.

Once we lose a mother, a father, a child or a dear friend, the empty void that some feel can become overwhelming. Some may feel that their lives are over, that the meaning to move forward is gone. Even though the hurt may never totally go away, if we can find ways to bridge the distance between the “living” and the “dead” our own lives can be greatly enriched. The Big Picture becomes clearer.

We all have to come to terms with Death, in our lives. The pain of it, the unfairness of it…..why can’t we live forever? Why is life so temporary? Maybe it’s meant to be temporary….and “somewhere else” is the permanency we crave for. In the center of the Great Divide is a bridge we all must eventually walk across…a bridge that connects two worlds…and because of this link, was there ever really a separation?

A friend of mine recently shared his thoughts about what he feels life is all about here. He saw all of us in a great big waiting room at a train station with trains whizzing in and out. Every five minutes a man shows up at the door and calls out a list of names and then says “All Aboard,” while others arrive with suitcases in hand, and fill the empty seats in the waiting room. A station that is open 24 hours a day!! In and out, coming and going…….

Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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