What They Don’t Tell You

This week I would like to touch on some things that are imbedded in our daily lives and are generally not mentioned too much in the media, but they have a profound effect on all our lives. I’m sure you can add to these, but here are a few I would like to share with you, from my own experiences. I try in my life to be optimistic, but I believe that knowledge is power.

1. Did you know that 85% of the health care costs are spent to prolong the last eighteen months of life?
2. Is it a reasonable assumption to believe that the Social Security Fund in the United States will exist as it is in fifteen years?
3. Lawyers often prolong cases regardless of who they represent?
4. The Mutual Fund basically makes the fund company rich while you get a pittance of the interest that your money makes….however, at least it’s better than money sitting in a bank account gaining little interest.
5. Record companies are basically nothing more than slave labor institutions. You would be horrified if you looked at the basic contract that is presented to most new artists.
6. In this day and age, if you are over twenty-five the marketing machine pays little attention to you, while people are living longer than ever.
7. God lives….karma lives. There truly is something to be said for “what goes around comes around.” What you put out eventually does come back to you.
8. Most men should not retire. Yes, some don’t have a problem adjusting to retirement, but few prepare.
9. Who you marry and how you handle your money determines 90% of your happiness. How many arguments are spent over money and how it is handled?
10. Live to love, because life is very short.
11. Violence is the voice of pain.
12. Our most valuable people are the old….in many cases they have seen and heard it all.
13. People eventually die…it doesn’t mean God is punishing you….it’s just that we are all only here for basically a short while.
14. Buy things that add to your life and appreciate with time.
15. Forgive and forget. After awhile, hate will eat you up if you just carry it around with you….learn to let it go.
16. If you think there is no God, and this is IT, then be sure to demand your money back when you pass from this world because with all the pain you had to overcome to grow as a human being, you got ripped off!!
17. Believe in something other than yourself.

People are searching for answers trying to understand the reasons why things go wrong in their lives. We all have good days and bad days….many times knowledge and growth can tilt the scale in your favor. Each week I receive numerous E-mails that touch on many different subjects…God Bless those people who are trying to make themselves and this world a little better….you are truly the Heroes of tomorrow.


Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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