From the day we are born our expressions and verbal communications send out messages to the world around us about how we feel, and think. Through the early years we learn that each sound and facial movement has a reaction. As we evolve as people through our teenage years into adulthood many times we start to forget how important our communication skills are for us.

Relationships, friendships and the challenges we face at work are vitally connected to how we express ourselves. Two people who are married can very easily begin to misunderstand the meaning of what each is trying to convey to the other and over time what one thought the other meant evolves into something totally different. Two people who live together, strangely, can become strangers in their own home. Why do these things happen? We are all trained in the early years of our lives the basics of expression…the only problem is to each person the basics can be very different. An expression of Love can freely be interpreted as a criticism or complaint. People’s feelings can easily get hurt….we all have our soft spots. A conversation among friends can bend and weave down roads we never initially intended it to go. The power we have with our words and actions is awesome.

Each one of us are like aircraft carriers, sailing through the ocean. At our disposal is the ability to sail calmly and smoothly…also there are weapons on board that can be used at will. It falls on our shoulders to decide what we use and at what time. When another ship heads towards us we must identify if it is friend or foe. With the wrong expression and lack of communication it is sometimes hard to know the difference. Think how easily a war can start.

Why is all this so important? We have the weapons, we have the smiles, we have the handshakes, and we have the tears. Family and friends sail into each others lives daily….we must be aware of what we convey to others about what we think and feel. We have to accept responsibility for our expressions and correct them when they are misinterpreted. It’s important we truly get to know the people we love….through honesty, through tone, through touch, through the barriers. We’re not perfect, we do make mistakes, but we can reach the heart.
Take the time to love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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