The Gift

From the moment we are born, the air fills our lungs, the blood flows through our veins, and all around us is wonder. As we pull away from the womb, for many of us that wonder starts to decrease and eventually we fall into one of the many patterns of life….until one day something shocks us out of our trance and the air, the water, the world looks fresh and new again.

Complacency is such an easy thing to fall into….perhaps it is one of the ways we learn to deal with life on a daily basis. Complacency can stop us from growing and trying new things. One of the crazy rules of life is that when we cease to push forward we start to become less alive. Strange, isn’t it? But with growth and new experiences we have to grasp with fear and doubt…but how else can we grow without taking on the risk? All of us should have, placed by our side the day we are born, a book entitled “We Reserve The Right To Fail.” With perfection there is no room for failure, but there again human beings are not perfect.

The Gift of Life gives us the chance to experience what we are, and in time, what we can become. How we fill that time is up to us, but remember, time, for human beings, is limited….so enjoy life, experience it….embrace it. Be alive as much as you possibly can be…the rewards are endless.

This past week John F. Kennedy, Jr. took off in a plane for a destination. For him, his wife, and his sister-in-law they were bound for Martha’s Vineyard. They expected to spend a wonderful week-end and celebrate a wedding with family and friends…but it wasn’t meant to be. The result was a tragic plane crash. Who knows how much time each one of has left? But in the greater scope of things, John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s plane did not crash… just flew to Heaven.

Take the time to live,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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