Tools of the Trade

During the hot days of summer here in the United States one can very easily drift, or feel off-balance as the second half of the year beckons. The following are a few suggestions that may help restore equilibrium…or what I call “The Tools of the Trade.”

There are certain things, I believe, that need to be repeated daily to keep us in better control of our lives. I’m sure you can also add to the list, but here are my personal choices….

1. I find prayer and meditation a vital part of my morning. It helps to center me, and let me know that there is a purpose to my existence, and a reason for my life. It’s so easy to lose track and forget that there is a greater picture and that each one of us make our own contributions.

2. I feel it’s very important to make sure that our bodies have the fuel to accomplish our goals and plans. If we don’t replenish or refuel, it won’t be long before we find ourselves losing interest or getting tired. Diet and exercise can help us drive safely along the road of life. Just because some countries are wealthier than others doesn’t mean they aren’t malnourished.

3. Self-confidence is vital to success. Yes, we all make mistakes, but we must look inside and believe that we matter and that what we say, feel, and do does have an effect on others. No life is too small and no dream is too big.

4. Budgeting is something many of us can’t stand doing, but in order to succeed in what we tackle in life we must be aware of our inflows and outflows. As I wish money didn’t matter, it is the form of currency that we use to represent the value of things. So grab the bull by the horns, make a chart on paper, and see how much comes in and where it goes. It’s surprising how easily we forget where it goes.

5. I find it useful from time to time to look and examine my lifestyle. How I live, where I work, family and friends….all of these have a profound effect upon my happiness and how I feel about myself. Pets too can provide an abundance of positive energy. I, having three dogs, can attest to this.

6. Last, but not least, is LOVE, because without it all the rest falls by the wayside. I believe that to love is the reason we are here…to overcome the doubts, the hurt, the pain and the hate. Love is not always easy…but neither is Life. It’s something that has to be worked at daily…but when one looks inside some of the greatest inventions and ideas, somewhere sprinkled in the center is the passion of Love. Perhaps the greatest lesson we are meant to learn here is the Lesson of Love. To be able to give it, and receive it.

It’s almost humorous sometimes how easily we can float through the day….we get up in the morning, and before we know it it’s one in the afternoon and what seems like half an hour goes by, when it’s suddenly five in the evening…next thing you know, the bed is facing you and it’s time to say goodnight!!! Where does the time go? You know you’ve done fifty-million things, but you can’t remember what they were!!! Hopefully with a little better planning we can slow old Father Time down…enough to see the Greater Picture.

Take the time to Love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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