The Dance

Ah yes…..The Dance…something we all partake in, whether we’re on the floor, or sitting on the sidelines. The dance, the art of movement in life. Swaying back and forth, up and down, twirling around…circling the floor. A world of motion, depth, synchronicity, thought, touch, feel and love….all moving together, interdependent on one another.

There is nobody who can’t dance….we are born with the gift. The question is, how much do we use it? Somewhere along the way we’ve all had those moments where we’ve watched from the sidelines at the dance floor, wondering, would we look silly on the floor?….but once we’ve joined in we’re amazed at how easy the rhythm carries us along. It’s interesting that while we partake in our dance we become totally unaware of who is watching….we are lost in the feeling of movement. We choose our partners, and hopefully they move with us in time. If not, we choose another until the right person moves with us in balance.

In the Dance of Life no one is truly the master, the know-all and everything….there’s always room for improvement. The lessons of life make us better dancers, and we all dream of one day dancing the perfect dance. We share the floor with others….who also seek to improve upon their movements, while some after just one dance choose to take their seats, and never dance again.
The Dance has its share of exhilaration, hope, humor, fear and tenderness….truly magic in motion. On the Dance Floor of Life miracles can happen when least expected. If there is a mystery to Life, then also that mystery encircles the floor of The Dance. While the music plays, and the dancers participate, up above in the balcony the Heavens watch and observe us mere mortals grace the floor. They applaud when one person’s joy of The Dance spreads to another…and another…and another…..

Let’s never forget that we all know how to dance…..

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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