Ages and Stages

All through our lives we move through the years, hopefully building upon the days to get us to a brighter tomorrow. The only problem with this scenario is that most of us evolve as human beings at different paces, while the world pigeonholes us into boxes where we’re “supposed” to be at any given time. We’re either too old, too young, too tall, too short, too thin, too fat. While we struggle to grasp for perfection and maintain it, we realize the impossibility of the task…and it’s very easy to feel like a failure, unable to come to grips with the idea of the perfect specimen.

Age is not a curse….it is a blessing. It is the tool that can allow us to see our mistakes and correct them. It is the vehicle to help us gain wisdom and insight. Age may produce wrinkles on our bodies, but inside it delivers treasure. The definition of age rests on the shoulders of each individual…in some cultures the oldest members of the family are considered the most valuable. In other parts of the world age is looked upon as a curse…where people must fight it to their death. Age is a part of life…to live is to age. But who can say who is really older? The terrified twenty year old, or the peaceful eighty year old?
As we grow through our lives we evolve through different stages. Growth has its share of exhilaration and pain. As the saying goes, “no pain…no gain.” Well, the pain is really the handling of how we get to the next phase of our life…changes are sometimes the hardest steps to go through until we look back and say “What was I so worried about?” Childhood, adolescence, teenage years, adulthood…senior citizen…all valuable parts of life. Each stage as important as the next. The Soul is ageless…inside we are timeless….even if the face in the mirror changes.

So let’s not be afraid to laugh, play, stretch, and climb the mountain. It’s all a learning game, after all. A classroom open 24 hours a day that teaches Love, Compassion, Harmony and Faith…it’s just up to us to listen. The textbook is open to any age…

Read on….

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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