Shaping Memories

We all have our favorite day of the week…or our favorite time of the year. They represent fond memories, exhilarating experiences, and warm heartfelt thoughts. For me, I enjoy the fall and the last three months of the year….a time of preparing for the holidays, family get-togethers and celebrations. I have to admit if one of these celebrations end up being sorrowful or disappointing, the next year around I can’t help but remember the last time. We also tend to remember the passing of a loved one and are affected emotionally each year by the memory….memories do shape our future.

Our minds, for better or worse, soak in just about everything. After awhile the cumulative effect takes hold and all of our thoughts and dreams are thrown into one big basket, jumbled up together. It’s no mystery that things can get quite confusing at times….but maybe we can have a little more say in the matter. If our yesterdays shape our tomorrow’s, then our todays are the point at which change must occur. So then the point can be taken that as each year rolls around, if we implement the correct changes that we want we then can shape future years and our emotions surrounding them.

We must accept responsibility for our yesterdays, otherwise we are doomed to make the same mistakes. With Free Will in play, I believe God has given us the Gift of having a say over each of our lives, and an influence on others. Yes, we not only can shape the tomorrow’s of our own lives, but also of family, friends and loved ones. The power is in the knowledge that things can be changed. Good examples and being a good role-model are vital to the raising of children….they copy what they see. We all have bad days, but what we learn from them is what matters.
Each year we can make better then the previous year. The best days of our lives don’t have to be behind us….hey, we’re supposed to get better with age, right? Like a fine wine! We can start today to accumulate a new set of memories that can help us ferment into a better tomorrow.


Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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