Rainbow’s End

We all long to reach the place in life where all the questions are answered, financial difficulties are met, and peace of mind prevails. Most of us struggle daily with all kinds of things, but we always hold out that hope that one day everything will make sense. Some in this world have an abundance of material wealth…yet they will tell you they still don’t have all the answers, while others who may live in poverty can see a brighter tomorrow. So if it can be said that material wealth does not bring about prolonged peace of mind, then how can we obtain it and sustain it?

Each day is a struggle…a new day begins, new problems to tackle, and a few surprises along the way. It seems sometimes that there are forces in play to knock us off-center and have us spinning all over the place. Therein lies the basis and the enemy of peace of mind. While we look to the future to provide us with inner bliss, it is at the present where it can be found. Finding, knowing, and prolonging our purpose here is one of the ways that we can make sense of what we go through in life. Knowing the reasons for our existence helps elevate our lives beyond the sheer numbers, where each individual has a purpose and a destiny. We seem to diminish the importance of human life with each increase in population, while in reality the one is equal to the many. We all matter.

So where is the Rainbow’s End? The Pot of Gold? The Answers of the Universe? The answer may not be so complicated…it could be very simple. A rainbow can only be seen through a particular bending of light…after a rainstorm, though a prism…never directly. And yet we all gasp when we see one…reminded of how magical God and nature can be. If our perception is clear, and we know our reason for being, then within that understanding we are at the Rainbow’s End.

Look for the Rainbow,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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