At the End of the Tunnel

We all know that place….where doubts creep in and uncertainty prevails….the tunnel which we all must go through in life to reach the other side. Whether it’s problems at work, problems at home, or a health crisis, once we enter the tunnel it is very easy for us to lose our bearings, give up hope, and become stationery… while in the distance we see this beautiful glowing light that is like a rope dangling for us to reach, to pull us through. That rope could be lowered by a friend, a family member, or God….but in order to reach it one has to focus on that light, while ignoring the turmoil that surrounds us.
The wind howls, the rain falls, and the echo can sometimes seem deafening…but as we move through our tunnels in life we learn about the atmosphere of our existence and the roads that we choose. Inside the tunnel one has to have much Faith…in themselves, and in the belief that the distant light is reachable, even when the walls around you whisper the negative. The Light at the End of The Tunnel grows closer with each step, but the forward motion of those steps must be made by us. The most important thing we must do inside the tunnel is to just focus on that Light, and with each step, it will become not only closer, but brighter.

If you’ve ever seen a burning log fire from across the room, as you move closer the heat from the fire intensifies. So too does that Light that we hope to reach. To me, the essence of that Light is pure Love…for as we are encased in our tunnels, we reach for the rope of Light to pull us through and out into the sunshine. That rope that is lowered to us has been lowered by the Love of God, with the belief that we can make it through.

Faith is a very personal thing….in order to get through the tunnel one must have Faith. Faith is the energy of the Soul to accomplish its mission in Life. The tunnel may be a scary place, but with the Shield of Faith the darkness can’t get through, because Faith acts like a solar panel to receive energy from the Light.

Keep the Faith,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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