Let it Out

We all deal with emotions. Living beings feel things…good and bad. So it’s no surprise how many of those feelings we either lock inside, or pretend they don’t exist. While our emotional surface may look calm and smooth, below the water strong currents may prevail, taking our lives in different directions then we consciously choose. The ocean can be a very deep place.

We express our feelings through laughter, pain, tears and silence. Three of the four are how we react to what we feel…but silence is the one action where suppression lives. Some things we don’t want to look at…we have no words, no reactions…we just stand there, motionless, hoping that the time will pass and all will be well, while somewhere knowing inside that what we fail to express will one day show itself when we least expect it. Where do our illnesses really come from? Somewhere, intermingling with the virus or infection, could be some forgotten emotions that were maybe not really forgotten. Yes, I know some do get sick from ailments beyond their control, but the majority of illnesses can be avoided, if we only find ways to deal with, and better understand how, stress forms and engulfs our lives.

In society today suppressed emotions are released at many levels…some release them healthfully, through exercise, prayer, and meditation. Others deal with these feelings through domestic anger and abuse, while even some choose the road of violence and destruction. One way or another, these emotions eventually come out. If one is to have a healthy and peaceful existence, the handling of these emotions become vital to our well-being.

So as the title says, “Let it out”…peacefully. We don’t have to feel that we have to hold it inside forever. Use exercise, friendships, focusing on goals, or prayer…just get it out. In this world, there is alot to be joyful for, and alot to be sad about. Being human, we have to deal with both. Seek, reflect, mourn and rejoice…all forms of release.

Let it flow,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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