Many of us have people to share our lives with…spouses, family members, and friends…companions we walk along the road of life with…passing through time and space. These are our Soulmates…the people we share our hopes, dreams and problems with. It’s amazing how many souls face the same dilemmas in their lives…so we seek out those that can help us deal with being human in a world of contradictions.

Each week we make phone calls, schedule lunches, or write e-mails to connect to those that we feel care and understand us…relationships that feed our self-confidence and heal our wounds so that we can become better equipped at facing life’s surprises. Being a Soulmate involves not only talking, but listening too. Some of us have friends that we are very close to, while not realizing just how deeply the level of communication goes. If you are one of those who has been fortunate enough to have had a long-lasting relationship or friendship you know just how valuable the love from these experiences becomes.
There’s a guy who hangs out at the local coffeeshop that I visit most mornings. His name is Benny. Benny was left alot of money by his parents…he owns a beautiful building where he lives, by himself. Benny never got married, and was always suspicious of people his whole life. He used to believe that in order to find excitement in his life he had to travel to the casinos of Atlantic City. He was in business with a man whom he made quite a large sum of money with, but as Benny told me “The guy ripped me off more than I’ll ever know.” So eventually Benny retired to his beautiful home. One day Benny mentioned to me “Isn’t it incredible…I thought all of the excitement and action was outside of my neighborhood…but really, this coffeeshop has the best of life. Friends, food, and good coffee!!” One night while Benny was sleeping he had a mild stroke and was rushed to the hospital. The next morning at the coffeeshop people began to say “Where’s Benny? Has anybody seen Benny?” The word went out and by midday a number of people were headed to the hospital to see their friend Benny. There is a happy ending to this story…Benny is now about, as he puts it, “80% recovered” from his mild stroke, but what he found out was priceless. While he searched everywhere else for happiness, all the while it was in his own backyard. Benny now sees … those people that he shoots the breeze with at the coffeeshop as his “Compadres of the Soul.”

Benny realizes that some of the happiest moments of his life are spent over a cup of coffee, where realistically he could purchase almost anything that his heart desires. Soulmates…the people who stand beside us through thick and thin…cheering us on and reaching out when we are down. What more could bring a smile to the face of God then for His children to celebrate life and get along? Each one of us is a reason for that smile.

Share your Soul,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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