Who is Jesus?

To me, Jesus is compassionate, caring, forgiving, embracing, helping, and someone who is in total command of common sense. Isn’t it amazing how many people Jesus has saved, while, sadly, man has also used His name to destroy. Hate is not a word that Jesus understands because it is inconceivable for Him to see how far a person would go to defend his or her right to hate. Jesus is a friend who stays through the darkest hours, where a candle of light is sometimes all that is needed to restore the power of hope. Jesus is an open hand, always there to feel the flesh of despair and fear. Jesus is a true friend.

Jesus understands Buddha, Moses, Muhammed, and the other Prophets. As He says in the Scriptures, “I am not here to destroy the laws of the Prophets, but to fulfill them.” We could also say Jesus understands Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and those who follow the path of peace. Jesus wants us to love one another.

Jesus is a Jew who has one of the largest followings of mankind. In His days of life on earth, many called Him “Rabbi”….was He a Rabbi? Perhaps….but also a simple carpenter who came to help save the world. Much has happened since His short time here….but the message grows stronger each day. Why can’t we get it right? Can you imagine how hard this essay is to write? Who gets offended, who agrees, that’s not what Jesus is about. Jesus wants us to get closer…He spoke of Love constantly.

For Christians, develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and God. For Jews, embrace your relationship with God, and pray to your heart’s content. For Muslims, by all means offer your prayers to Allah. For Buddhists, pray for humanity to find compassion for one another. These acts of Faith are for the benefit of all mankind, and I believe Jesus would embrace any way for God’s children to break bread together.

Break Bread,

Jennifer Avalon
© 1999 Jennifer Avalon

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