What’s Bad has become Good, and what’s Good has become Bad. This week I think I’ve seen enough…..Monica Lewinsky talking for an hour on Larry King Live, stating how “hard” it is for her to be a public figure, and a representative of Jenny Craig. Yes, indeed, Monica’s perfectly entitled to go on with her life, but I don’t want any teenager to believe that this is the way to “get ahead” in life. I have friends on both sides…..conservative and liberal…..but both have drawn a line somewhere through this mess. Does it stop there? No. Each day there is something else to see on television or read in the paper….some injustice or catastrophe that is slid under the carpet and passed along as “life as usual.” The bar has been raised so high that a giant could get underneath it! We look around and we wonder why things spiritually are falling apart? The shock factor on television has become nil. I receive letters from many people who have lost faith in not only their politicians, but the law. This is frightening.

Does all this matter? I’m afraid so. It affects each and every one of us, whether we care to admit it or not. Out there tonight someone is trying to raise a family…dealing with issues that their forebearers could not even comprehend. You want to know how bad it is? Ask yourself this….if your great-grandparents were alive today, could they browse through the daily newspaper without the blood draining from their faces? Enough already!!! The saddest thing of all are the people who think that all of this is okay!
How do we change this? It starts from ground zero. Seek out the people in your community, in your neighborhood, who are contributing and trying to pull things up by the bootstraps…..look for the people who sweat. They’re around….in every community…..they just haven’t been highlighted on the evening news. But they are there….believe me. They too have seen enough. If you have a family, embrace it….cuddle it…comfort it…love it. You can never give too much to the people you love. To the Mothers and the Fathers of the world… heart goes out to you. I wish you all the blessings of the Lord, and the luck of all the Leprechauns (smile) To the brothers and sisters…..embrace your siblings….be there with a kind smile and a strong voice. A word can have a tremendous echo.

For the Year 2000 let’s look at it as the Starting Point of a Rebuilding of a Society, that has forgotten much and lost its mind. Technology can be a wonderful tool to build a great house.

Be a Builder,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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