Don’t Give Up

One of the easiest things to do in life is to give up. Game over….finito!! All of the naysayers can line up, stick their noses in your face, and say “See, I told you so… won’t work.” There is value to every project undertaken….it is up to each and every one of us to determine that value, and to estimate the amount of effort that is needed and acceptable to fulfill the goal.

Businesses all across the Internet are redefining planning, manufacturing and distribution. This is having a profound affect on how we make, buy, and sell goods. What was once considered as a necessity of operation can, these days, be easily called into question. Everyday I read in the newspapers a new software or component that is changing the industry of their given choice. I being a writer, you can imagine how all of this has also affected the product that I release. While all these changes are taking place, for each person embracing the new technology, there are others becoming disillusioned and upset. Whether we like to admit it or not, in most cases across the board we are all learning to find new ways to reinvent ourselves…..and the things we do for a living.
While all these changes are taking place, the fine line between work and home is evaporating. The nine to five workday can easily be extended to seven or eight at night. The definition of home and work is changing. As you can imagine, this is leaving many in the family with confusion written on their faces. Where the schedules used to follow an even path, they can now contradict each other and clash. Planning becomes essential to preserve tranquility. If you too are struggling with some of these issues, you’re not alone. Many of the letters I receive are filled with thoughts from people trying to find a balance in their lives. The strain can easily lead to giving up.

The family is a unit of people living together within a shield of love. Some are healthier than others….but each family must decide that within their confines they set the rules. Set aside at least one hour a week to sit around the table where everyone has a say in how the structure of family life is sustained and managed. All voices are heard. One member writes down the schedule, while everybody is aware that it is placed somewhere in the home where each morning all members can see it. This way we all know what’s happening that day with everyone. We can share in the joy and be there for the pain. No one feels like giving up.

For those without a family, you too can sit at the table….and if you have a pet, invite them to sit too!!! Plan your week….acknowledge the joy….and your successes. Look for ways to heal. Life never turns out totally the way we want it to…but perhaps with a little better observation we can regain some of the control that we have given away. In the end, we realize that it is those times we didn’t give up, that gave us the greatest rewards.

Don’t give up,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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