Face Of Many Colors

We all look different. Anywhere you go in the world there is some deviation or change in the way people look. To expect us all to be the same is unrealistic. Why then do so many find it so hard to accept those that are different from themselves? Could God have made a mistake by making us different? not all the same? I don’t think so.

Mankind is a very strange Being….he has no trouble killing that which he finds unacceptable and confusing……but there is one main problem with man’s dilemma. In order to sustain and aspire to a world of peace, man in his great wisdom must find ways to embrace his other brothers and sisters. So what color is the face of God? Could it be that God wants us to find a way to nurture our similarities and respect our differences? The color of a person’s skin should not be the determining factor of the character of their soul. Could it be that God’s face is multicolored? And each one of us represents a different section of His face? Then can it be said, in order to see the face of God, one must be able to integrate all colors into the equation?

Life, to me, is a collection of riddles. Each year we are given a new riddle to solve. Basically, we are all on a mission. The riddles are little signposts to get us to the next stage to help us become better human beings, worthy to one day look into the face of God and understand the who, what, why and where of our lives. There is pain, there is joy, there are tears, there is laughter….somewhere between all this we live. Life is not foolish….it is a learning process. There is a reason for everything.

Each face on this planet deserves to come here. We are all of equal value. It is man that changes that…..

Remember the Rainbow,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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