Letter to the Leaders

Many around the world elect representatives each year to be their voice. In many cases the silent voices depend upon these elected officials to guide them forward into a future of peace, progress and prosperity. With each electoral cycle some names and faces are changed….and we hope that our best interests are always put forward. The enemy of most societies is conflict, division, and hate. It is up to all to extend dialogue to those who feel they are not being heard, forgiveness to those who have made mistakes, and encouragement to the people who make inroads towards unity. No mother wants to lose a son or daughter. Is war an answer? or just a temporary solution to a greater problem?
In the United Sates of America there are many different cultures and religions, yet, many of us look at ourselves as nations within one nation. Why? Perhaps because there are forces at play to keep us apart and separate. If we really want to end racism and hatred in America, why does it have to fall to the common man to initiate the spark? When was the last time we heard any leaders on the evening news put forward a simple plan where representatives of each segment of America could come together for a retreat of a week in harmony and peace, to understand their similarities and differences? This past week the business community had no problem getting together in Switzerland to strike deals, and find ways that they could come together for profit and higher stock market shares. Where are the voices of our leaders to say, “Come my fellow Citizens, let us break bread together to help end the greatest disease this world will ever know….the germs of Hate.”

Hate has become a very profitable enterprise. We have built up infrastructures and businesses around the world that make money from Hate. There are leaders of certain groups that stand on podiums claiming to represent their communities, stating that they are there to stand up for their rights, while on the other hand making no effort to end the seeds that have led to problems. If we do not find ways to break down the barriers that separate us, no matter how much money we throw at the problems, in the long term nothing will ever be solved. Once again, why don’t I hear this night after night on the evening news? God Bless those who are out there trying to build us all a better world…..but when they turn on the television, their frustration must be enormous. I know things move slowly, but this is ridiculous.

So I, in my own little mind, present this plan to any Leader of the Free World, especially that of the President of the United States, the Leaders of the United States Congress, and those of the business world:

First: Put together an annual week-long Summit for the End of Hate. Each race, religion, and state representative sits down at a table and airs out their grievances. This Summit is to be highlighted by all media as a step forward to helping us come together.

Second: A neutral official is to head the summit. A mediator who is an expert in hearing both sides of issues.

Third: Set goals to make “us” and “them” become “We.” Conflicts are laid on the table, with no hidden agendas, for all to see. That way, honesty and trust can grow.

For each person trying to make a difference, there is a corresponding person profiting to keep us apart. For the world to show real intelligence, inroads to the end of violence and hate must be initiated. Hey, I’m no fool here….I know this is going to take time, but it’s got to start somewhere. We need solutions. Here in the United States, whenever there is a problem in the world, we always send a mediator to try to bring sides together. This week I just read that the peace process in Northern Ireland is collapsing. Why? Who knows? But in the United States we have no Summits to bring our people together. We strictly rely upon our religious institutions to handle that monumental task. As much as they try, they cannot be expected to accomplish it all alone.

So I am calling out to the Leadership of not only my country, but of the Free World, to start organizing Summits so we can sit down at tables with no guns in our hands to look across and see each other eye to eye. In the end, all the material wealth in the world will not help us survive, if our hearts carry Hate.

Take the time to Love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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