The Force

The Universe flows like an ocean…’s energy is in every nook and cranny of our existence. Within it the sun rises in the morning, and the moon illuminates the night. The Universe is synchronized up, down, left and right, in and out. None of this is an accident….it has a purpose.

Many of the Prophets, in their own words tried to explain to us the power of this Force, and how, if used correctly, it can improve our lives and sustain us on a plateau where we can surround ourselves with a shield that can survive any storm. Many who believe in God understand the power of Prayer….energy and thought that is projected into the Universe to hopefully bring about positive results. Buddhists fully understand the power of Karma and how one act brings about a corresponding result. This Force is available for us to improve our lives. For lack of a better word, this Force is called Love….Love for oneself, family, friends and every living thing. It’s in all of us.

Recently I watched an old episode of Star Trek. Captain Kirk was doing battle with a new enemy. All of a sudden a third party interrupted the battle and transported Captain Kirk and the leader of the Enemy to a neutral planet. Both leaders had no weapons, but surrounding them were basic materials on the planet where each could construct weapons. The leader of the Enemy decided to sharpen a rock into a form of a dagger. When it looked like Captain Kirk was going to be killed, he discovered the elements to make gun powder. As the story went on, eventually Captain Kirk was standing with a self-made gun over his enemy. Just as he was prepared to pull the trigger he threw the gun away and said “No, I won’t kill you.” Instantaneously a member of the third party said “You humans show a very progressive trait of Compassion. There is hope for you.” Captain Kirk demonstrated the act of Love. He was willing to solve the dispute through negotiations, not bloodshed.

The Force of Love is practiced daily in the form of Prayer, Meditation, Charity, and Good Deeds of many kinds. The more goodness we project and accomplish, the better our lives become. What I try to do each morning is say a prayer, close my eyes, and envision around myself a shield where I project positive energy that fills up the shield, and then I envision that energy being released into the atmosphere. I being a Christian ask Jesus to help me do as much good as I possibly can. This little ritual that I practice each morning has changed my life. I am far less cynical and negative about the world and I embrace each moment as something rare and precious. Yes, things do still go wrong from time to time, but this little ritual gives me the energy to bounce back faster. The energy within the shield can help heal the wounds personally, and the release of that energy, I believe, is beneficial to others.

May the Force be with you,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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