A bad childhood, poor schooling, while living in the wrong environment, eventually can persuade a kind soul to perform evil acts. In our society, we set up a series of safety nets, hoping that they alone will stop the growth of Evil. Unfortunately, far too many slip through the cracks. Just today I read that a first-grader, six years old, took a stolen gun from his house, walked into his school, and opened fire on a little girl. The way the law is structured, we have no charges in place for six year olds. Obviously, the courts never saw this one coming…and how many other acts are also not on the books? I don’t believe that a six year old should be held totally responsible for the act of murder….but, when the atmosphere of Evil exists, anyone can become its weapon. It has been alleged that the child’s home was filled with stolen guns, and drugs. What can we expect to come out of the door of a house engulfed by Evil?

If the parents neglect their responsibilities, when the school is either under financed or lacking positive discipline, and there are no inspiring role models for a child to observe, the human heart grows cold and alone. Hopefully, Faith will enter the picture, but for many, it comes too late. Deep in our society are many problems that we have yet to fully examine. Perhaps through fear we turn a blind eye, until the day fear comes knocking at our own door. The first step in any battle is to acknowledge the enemy. Otherwise, we not only don’t know what we’re fighting, but cannot organize a force strong enough to defeat the villain.

I do receive letters from people who tell me “There is no such thing as Evil.” Then please tell me, what made a man just this morning walk into a MacDonald’s Restaurant and open fire, then cross the street, to attack a Burger King, wounding numerous, innocent people? This is not the work of God. Good is Good. Bad is just Bad. Period. I don’t want to hear lame excuses for vicious acts. We must address where and how the seeds are sown……The Garden these days is looking a little ragged. But like any garden, it can be turned around. A little fertilizer, the removal of weeds, and the right tools can make the flowers that were once dying bloom again. We must start to not only tend our own Gardens, but help our neighbor’s as well. Some on the block may not have a good shovel or lawnmower….don’t be bashful, give them a hand. What good is a block with one good Garden, while all the rest are dying?

Evil searches for weak souls, whispering answers of false hope. Even Jesus had to confront Evil in the desert. If Evil can even go after the Son of God, we can only imagine what it would try to do to us. Evil lives…..look at it…..stare it down…..raise your shield. Evil is a coward that will run at the sign of strength.

Run Evil…..Run……

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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