The Land

Within the past year I moved into a new home. In the front of the house the builders had used a low-grade grass seed on the garden. This past summer the lawn grew well, but once the winter came the grass retreated. Over in the corner of the garden I had sprinkled some Kentucky Bluegrass seeds, which, strangely enough, did not retreat. Obviously, the seeds that were originally planted didn’t fare too well. As spring has come to my little neck of the woods, this past week I was outside with my bag of Kentucky Bluegrass seeds, sprinkling abundantly! I am in the process of adding new seeds to the garden.
In Life, the seeds we plant bring forth the growth and strength of our gardens. If we surround ourselves with low-grade seeds, before too long we will be walking on crabgrass!! If we decide to use some of that good old Kentucky Bluegrass in our lives, the sky’s the limit!! I have learned much from my garden, and how it grows. The Heavens provide the rain, the soil embraces the seeds, and my work maintains the garden. No mysteries here folks…..the answers sometimes are right in front of our eyes….it’s up to us if we choose to see them.

This season, plant something. If you live in a city, grow a houseplant. If you have a garden, plant some wonderful roses, or another lovely plant. You’ll not only learn more about Life, but you’ll learn incredible things about yourself. Life can be very rewarding in many aspects.

One can never plant enough good seeds,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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