Different Dimensions

We go about our lives mostly thinking that “This is it,”…..a brick wall is a brick wall…..a ceramic sink is just that, the air we breathe is devoid of particles….etc. The truth is, everything inside and outside of us is humming with Life….with atoms and molecules that are naked to our human eyes. If you’ve ever flown in a propeller plane, and looked out the window as the propeller begins to churn, you will see that the faster the propeller moves, the more you are able to “see through it.” The solid blades look as if they don’t exist anymore, because of the speed at which they are spinning….but the blades still do exist.

The question arises….what other objects or things disappear to our vision because of the speed at which they are moving? Can we then realistically say that we are able to see all aspects of Life and movement on planet Earth? Perhaps not. Humans generally can only see things that move at their own rate of speed…but what can be said for those things that move slower or faster? Have you ever thought about someone and then about a minute later, the telephone rings, and it’s them on the line? Or, you’re walking down the street, thinking about somebody you haven’t seen in ten years….you turn and enter a store and lo and behold, there the person is standing right in front of you! Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? But you have to admit, it is strange.
In Life, we all live on different levels…..some levels based on wealth, others based on the country or climate that a person lives in. The levels exist. We also live on different spiritual levels…..one person attends a church or synagogue or mosque one day a week and they feel, in their lives, that is enough, while others base their whole daily life around prayer and the nurturing of their soul. There are others who do neither, but contribute or do work for charities. All different levels. These levels we incorporate into our lives to hopefully expand ourselves.

If God does not appear before our eyes when commanded by us, does that mean that God does not exist? If we don’t see Angels walking our local streets, does that mean that they too aren’t nearby? Do deceased loved ones vanish when they die, or are they observing, cheering us on, even though it may be hard to hear their voices? All we are let see as Human Beings is our own dimension, for whatever reason….but we do get glimpses of other dimensions. I would like to share with you a little story that kind of sums up this essay:

A dear friend of mine was very sick, and each day he looked out the window at a nearby rooftop. He called me over one day and said “Look Jennifer….up there on the roof is my wife and my son.” Both were previously deceased. I myself couldn’t see them. My friend would wave at them, smile, and laugh. One day while I was visiting, my friend said “Jennifer, come look! I’m up on the roof with them now.”

Two days later my friend passed away. I watched the transfer from one dimension to the next, right before my eyes.
There are other dimensions…..even if not seen….it doesn’t mean they don’t exist…..

Lift the veil,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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