Profit = income – expenses. We go through Life, hoping that it is a profitable experience….both physically, and spiritually. The profit we receive can come from all different areas…. work, investments, and in the spiritual realm, prayer, meditation, attending a House of Worship. It’s very hard in this world not to incur expenses. They too come from different areas….mortgages, bills, and for the spiritual aspect, donations to organizations one feels can help others. This is the perfect scenario…a person receiving income, paying their bills, and helping others. What’s sad is that some out there choose to look at Life and behave differently.

I’m a big believer in what you put out, one way or another, comes right back. It may take a week….a year….a lifetime….but, it does come back. Example: A person one day decides to take two thousand dollars from a friend’s wallet. The friend looks inside his or her wallet and says, “What happened to my money?” The Taker says nothing. What’s sad here is this Fool, the Taker, thinks that now that they’re two thousand dollars richer, all of a sudden miraculous, wonderful things will start to happen in their lives, “They’re on their way down the golden road.” Two months pass, the Taker is walking down a city street when a bicycle plows right into them. They end up in the hospital with a broken leg and more. The insurance only covers half of their hospital stay. Upon leaving the hospital, our Taker is presented with a bill for fifteen thousand dollars. Where this Jerk thought he or she had a profit of two thousand dollars (thanks to lifting money from a friend’s wallet) they are now going to have to come up with fifteen thousand dollars to pay for hospital bills. This balance sheet, which once looked quite profitable, now reads, a loss. Hey, we all know these type of people. They look like “they get away with everything,”….but at the end of the day, the bill does come in, and sometimes it’s a substantial bill.

Karma is really a Universal Boomerang Effect. We throw the boomerang through the air, and as it flys it picks up air and speed. Slowly it turns and heads back to us at an incredible velocity. Whammo!!! The Good may not always get rewarded as they think they should, but they do. The Bad may think they’re outsmarting everyone, but one way or another, a message is sent saying otherwise.

Very little is mentioned about projected energy. Everything we think and do projects energy. It’s easy to see if a person puts brick on top of brick then right before your eyes, there’s a brick wall. When we pray or meditate we too project energy, but this is a little bit harder to see. Thought does produce too. We are born, we live, and we die….that is the cycle of Life. Within this cycle I believe lies Karma. Otherwise, the Universe could not exist.

Synchronicity holds it all together for a reason. Cause and Effect.
God is the highest intelligence in the Universe. Karma is the teacher. If more people understood that their acts produce effects, then perhaps they would hesitate before performing bad acts. Think about Karma….embrace it….it is one of the steps on the road to Heaven.

The Golden Rule,
Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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