The Wall

At some point in Life we hit the wall. A boundary where both the physical and spiritual intertwine. In order to pass through the wall and move forward one must bring both aspects of their lives together to become one. It can happen in our twenties, thirties, forties, etc., but it does happen…..nobody escapes it…..hitting the wall. We can pretend up to a point how much we truly need our Souls….but if you walk through a forest, a person knows something more than the physical is going on.

The approach to the wall can be brought about by many things….age, a health crisis in a person’s life, the death of a loved one. All of a sudden the air smells different…sound changes…sight becomes clearer….it’s almost as if something has shocked you into waking up. All that was once taken for granted is called into question. Then the thoughts start to manifest, “What the heck is this all about?” or “Who am I really? and Why am I here?” In order to find the answers to these questions, one has to pass through the wall. Christians have a term for this as being “Born Again.” Others have their own terminology. For this essay lets call it plainly and simply “The Wall.”

Within The Wall are the answers. Once we pass through The Wall, Life is never the same again. It gets better. The fear of mortality starts to subside….we see a greater purpose to life. The life of the temporary existence and physical and material fulfillment elevates to a life of more purpose, peace of mind, greater understanding and Faith. Some find it easier than others to pass through the The Wall. For all there are struggles, and some just refuse to go through.

In every marathon race, at a certain point the runner reaches their Wall….I’m sure you’ve read articles where athletes mention the experience of breaking through their Wall in the race. Once a runner reaches The Wall, all of the doubts that he or she can finish the race come to the forefront….slowly as they continue on he or she is tested….until at one point he or she looks back and realizes they are heading towards the home stretch….they have made it through The Wall. We all may not be marathon runners, but don’t be fooled….we too have our Wall.

Life is not always easy….there are stages to go through, and one of the most important ones is The Wall. Each moment is precious….the more we live within these moments, the more alive we are. The most gratifying stage of life is on the other side of The Wall.

See through The Wall,
love, Jennifer
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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