The Core

It’s very easy to seek out things that gratify the mind and the body. A Saturday afternoon can easily be spent shopping to your heart’s content, while after a few days one can lose interest in what has been purchased. Recently I asked myself, what is it that I need and could obtain that could give me prolonged fulfillment and enjoyment? With much thought I was left with just a few things….

I realized that whatever I purchased, or received, unless it contained some sort of spiritual input, that increased over time, the item would decrease in value. For me, books and music, a walk through the woods, a drive to the seashore, and prayer and meditation, over and over would totally recharge my senses. No matter how many times I walked through the woods, each time was a new experience. No matter what time of day, the sea breeze would relax me and put things in perspective. After doing these things, I would feel recharged and better able to tackle the stress of everyday life. I have found that unless the spirit is nourished, the body slowly dies. So much in our society ignores how important certain thoughts are for our well-being. When was the last time you turned on the television and heard that a product would invigorate your life and bring you peace? Not often, huh? Just think, have a seat, breathe in the air. What a miracle taking a breath really is…..with each breath we are supposed to become more alive.

Each week I try to seek out the small things that can feed my soul. It’s almost a little game that I play. I ask myself, what out there can I bring into my life to give me happiness? It’s not always a matter of money… I said, it could be a book from the library, or going into a gallery or museum, and observing what’s on display. I always keep on my end table next to the couch, books that by just glimpsing at, are inspiring. Before I write an album, I often go to a museum to soak in the energy from the works of art on the walls. It’s amazing how different people through time contribute to the same pool of inspiration.

The last thing I always do at night, is say prayers, and give thanks for what I have. I know we all may have problems, but it’s always important for us to count our blessings, and pray for others. I hope you find and receive all you need to bring you peace…..and joy.


Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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