The Core, Part Two

After last week’s essay “The Core,” the following few days, more and more of my thoughts on the two parts of who we are (the physical and spiritual) started coming to the surface. In my own life, I have found that I can go out, do some shopping, go to the movies and have a little fun, but after awhile I start to get an eerie feeling of depletion in my body. What are these feelings? I’ve asked myself. They never seem to go away until I start to do things that help me get centered in my life. In some strange way, material gratification lasts only so long. I have also found that this form of gratification doesn’t help relieve stress over the long term. Our health is necessary if we are to continue to accomplish our missions and goals. If all we do is focus on the physical and material aspects of life, eventually the well runs dry. I can say from experience that for me to get to this understanding has not always been easy, but once one enters the belief that the soul too needs input, and nourishment, things start making more sense.

Overall we as human beings sometimes find it hard to see things that we need the most. A Priest or Reverend can preach every Sunday about how important prayer is to us……or a speaker may mention how much God loves us, but for many it goes in one ear and out the other, until we are faced with a crisis. Then the mind opens up almost as if it has received a dose of smelling salts. For the masses, the benefits of the Words of God can sometimes be not looked upon as essential for our day to day life….but once one starts to use terms as healthy, stress-relieving, meditative, and centering, lo and behold, those words become valuable. The tools are out there to enrich our lives…we just have to use them.

I used to believe that God and Heaven were this great big dome that just sat out there for all of us to grab at when need be. As the years went by I began to understand that the connection between God and in my case, Jesus Christ, is a personal one. It is a connection that is with me from morning until night. The more I contribute to that relationship, the stronger it gets…and over time topics such as, sickness, life, death, and after-death take on a whole new meaning. The relationship my soul has had with Heaven has greatly enhanced my life.

Each day we rise and make our choices and replenish ourselves, physically and spiritually. As much as we enjoy the material gratifications of life we cannot forget to contribute equally to the other half of ourselves….our souls.

From one soul to another,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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