The day we are born, instantly our brains start taking in information through our senses, at a rapid rate. In the best of circumstances, in a loving family that takes the time to nurture, with the experience to understand how important the role of parenting is, all is well. On the other hand, as many of us are not perfect, it is very easy to make simple mistakes that can echo for many years. There are no mysteries here…mistakes that are made are carried forward far into the future. We can blame whomever we like, but most of us spend numerous years trying to overcome those mistakes.

Bad habits can easily be passed from generation to generation, through families, until one day it falls on one son or one daughter to break the destructive pattern. An example: Alcoholism can simply run through families as far back as two hundred years, while the family members never fully understand how things got so carried away in regard to alcohol. We all know friends who can drink two bottles of wine, get up, and walk a straight line, while there are others who, after two glasses, start to feel dizzy and boisterous. We all enter the world inheriting some form of baggage, and as I have said, if looked at closely, the mysteries of how things can go astray can be understood.
We look to point the finger of blame at why we have problems. Instead of looking at the problems and initiating solutions, it’s easier to hold others responsible for our present and future actions. Hey look, it’s not easy being a parent. Even harder today! But at some point we inherit the responsibilities in our own lives and must look at and correct what we see that is wrong.

This essay is called “Programming,” for a reason……look at life as it is……where we were born, how we were raised, and what education we received, have a profound affect on our ability to succeed in life. This is called “Programming.” The mind that is a blank slate at birth, receives input each year of life. The input the child receives over time dictates the roads that are chosen. Isn’t it interesting…when the FBI or law enforcement are looking for a serial killer, by the method he or she commits the crime, gives off clues to the psychological makeup of the perpetrator. Many serial killers end up to be children that were from abusive families. Pain shows itself eventually one way or another.

It’s never too late for anybody to overcome their problems, if they seek out help. Once we acknowledge the problem, we then can begin the process of healing and recovery. But we human beings are a stubborn lot….it’s very hard for us to see ourselves sometimes as anything other than close to perfect. But once we admit we’re not, then we can start to become better people, until one day we become the Programmer…..

Fine tune the dials,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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