Human Existence

To be Human, and live in this world, there are a number of Laws that are given to us physically. If we are to have any kind of prolonged peace, we must bring ourselves to accept these Laws as fact. As always, I’m sure you too can add to this list to make it more personal.

Number One: We are born and we die. Living is what we do in-between.
Number Two: We will get sick, and get well, many times over a lifetime.
Number Three: We come into this world as newborn babies…depending most of the time on parents to do a good job at raising us. Some succeed, some don’t. Mistakes are made, which we later have to correct.
Number Four: For some strange reason, we nurture and build relationships through our lives, and one by one through age, they are taken from us. Sometimes accidents too can bring about sorrow and loss.
Number Five: Some will be born in prosperous countries….others surrounded by extreme poverty.
Number Six: Human pain cannot truly be measured. One person’s turmoil may not be as severe as the next, but to him or her, the pain is just as relevant.
Number Seven: Each person has to come to terms with his or her physical limitations.
Number Eight: There are no perfect bodies or minds. Some are thinner, or heavier than others, and we all make mental mistakes.
Number Nine: If one is to truly learn and grow through Life, eventually our physical existence will hit a wall where we start questioning why we are here, what we are to learn, and what’s it all about, Alfie? (eh!)
Number Ten: There are extremely kind, considerate and wonderful Human Beings. There are also some of the most evil examples of Human Life.
Number Eleven: In order to continue living, we people of all different religions and races have to find a way to get along.
Number Twelve: Karma exists….what we put out, will come back to us, in one form or another. I know it looks like some get away with murder, but do they really?

One personal thought I would like to add….There is only so much Life to live in the physical sense here. At some point, each one of us is confronted with taking the next step, to establish a personal relationship with the Creator or God. Hey, somebody built all this for some special reason.

I receive many letters from people trying to understand and come to grips with what happens here on Earth. These Laws of Earth, if looked at and acknowledged, help empower the individual to move forward. As I mentioned, you too can add to this list. It’s all a learning process until the day we pass….and go on to a “Higher Education.”

Keep moving forward,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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