Why Do We Love?

We love because without Love there is nothing….no purpose, no center, no destination. Think for a second….if we were to eliminate Love from our lives, the giving and the taking, what would we have left? There are all kinds of Love. Love of the Self, Love of Others, Love of the Arts, Love of God. From the day we are born until the day we die, many signposts on the road of life are marked by Love. A friend of mine recently shared with me his thoughts on Love. He said, “Jennifer, I have no Love. I’m not married, I have no children, I have few friends.” I turned to him and I said, “Why?” His answer, “I guess I’m afraid to Love.” I asked him, “What are your passions? How do you spend your days, when you can?” He replied, “Ah…I make model airplanes that I fly in the park every Saturday.” I asked him, “Do people enjoy you flying your planes?” He replied, “Funny you mention that. There is a little boy named Jack who comes each Saturday with his father to see how I’ve improved my planes. Recently I gave the boy one of my handmade airplanes.” I then responded, “Well you gave him Love, whether you’re aware of it or not. That little boy will remember the gift many years from now.” My friend, without realizing it, gave a gift of Love.

Love is a seed that once planted, one never knows how high and how far it can grow. Our job as people is to plant as many seeds as we can during our lifetimes. To Hate is easy……..it takes no discipline, no caring, no effort. To Love is sometimes difficult….but once we leave this planet, it is not the money, the fame, the possessions that we take with us……it will be the Love we contributed.

So why should we Love? Because no matter how much money, whatever country you live in, whoever you “are”….the gift of Love is equal. Perhaps what we are all to learn is that the greatest commodity that we can exchange on this earth is Love. I have hope that one day we will. True intelligence equals Love. All the diplomas, the certificates, the prizes, are reduced to pieces of paper when they don’t include Love. The day we are born we come into this world with just one thing….the Love that God has instilled in us…and the day we die we go back to God with, hopefully, more Love inside of us then when we arrived as newborns. It is our job to hold onto the Love inside of us, and to give it away……..

Take the time to Love,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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