The airwaves are full these days with funny and humorous statements about how to improve the quality of life. There is always one financial advisor who says something to scare the daylights out of you. One thing is for sure…..knowledge is power.

The average American retires with four thousand dollars in a savings account. If that person is lucky they have either a pension or a 401K plan. Many do not. Until I see a serious motivation by our officials to encourage people to save or invest more, I cannot believe that the system that is in place now really cares to raise people up the economic ladder.

Each day we make choices….do I buy this? or do I save. After a while for many of us, saving starts to resemble a form of punishment….a denial of immediate enjoyment. Hey everybody wants to have a little fun, and have nice things. But a little has to be put away for the future.

Investing……it could be property, or stocks, etc. For many buying more than one home seems like a monumental task, but quite a few people have profited over time in this endeavor. It’s a little tricky and complicated, but it can work. The stock market….oh yes…..the fearful stock market. In the right companies, many have profited handsomely over the past few decades. It goes up, it goes down, but over time you are well ahead. The fear of the stock market stops many from climbing that elusive economic ladder. What some do is set aside some money each month to purchase stocks that they believe will increase over time. Stocks should be looked upon as a form of partnership…..example: If you own stock in Microsoft, you are, in essence, a partner with others who own the same stock, including Bill Gates. Yes, Bill Gates!! You may like pharmaceuticals, like Merck, or perhaps your favorite may be General Electric. Whatever it is, these types of companies are the engines that will power America forward into the future. A train comes into the station, and it’s up to each one of us to decide whether we board it, or watch it leave without us. The choice of stock is up to each individual to decide, with the help of a financial planner or money manager, or even by themselves. What’s important is that whatever one does, they progress themselves up the ladder.

I really care about people. I get heart-wrenching letters from many who are hurting for all different kinds of reasons. We can’t erase the mistakes we have made in the past, but we can learn from them, and take control of our lives. The tools are out there….we just have to use them. Money has a profound effect over our lives….like it or not, it is so. A lot of people believe that their “dream” will provide them all the financial support that they need. Very few businesses or endeavors start making a profit from their inception. If you really really want your dream to succeed, you must take away the fear factor, and make sure that you can stay financially afloat while you build your success. We can accomplish our goals if we stay grounded.

From the ground up, may your dreams take flight……

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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