Human Frailty

In all walks of life, each person has his or her mountain to climb, and set of circumstances to overcome. For some it can be financial, others health, and for many, seeking answers to the mysteries of Life itself.

Financially we all want to be able to afford the best things in life, while at the same time setting aside enough so we can retire in comfort. Health is wealth…..we hope that each day our quality of life is maintained and that we are humble and wise to continue to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. It is common, at some point in life, for a person to hit what I call “the wall,” the point where many of us realize we are mortal and there has to be a reason for living.

I recently took a walk with a friend of mine, where we were discussing some of these points. It’s always interesting having a conversation with somebody where both of you ask questions and give answers, and lo and behold, arrive at a place in a conversation where you never expected to go. We discussed how everyone has to deal with the frailties of life. Each person, having their own distinctive set of circumstances to deal with. There is always something that we have to deal with….all problems are equal…financial, health, …whatever problems arise, the level of intensity is equal. What we do as human beings is set them on different levels of importance, when they really are all on the same level, because they are all interconnected. Many wise people go through their whole lives and never understand this, until moments before their death. Everything is interconnected. We deny the importance of certain situations, and therefore aren’t always able to take care of them because we have put them on different levels. Stress is stress, period…no matter where it comes from.

Each life is equal……..mankind assigns the value of one life over another……when really we come into this world naked, and leave the same way. As we tackle and deal with our human frailties, hopefully we never lose sight that between birth and death only the Love we share with others will give us the strength to fight on and be remembered when the battle of life is over.

Be strong,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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