Many of us out there are feeling the affects of a malaise. A ship that is just adrift in the water, not quite knowing what tomorrow will bring. We search for the leadership that will bring us to the next level in the evolution of humanity. It’s very easy to point out what is wrong with life on planet earth…….what we need are those who can suggest answers to the problems.
In the United States this Holiday shopping season is coming out flat, at best. Who can blame people for not being in the mood to buy gifts? A lot of us feel that over the past month we have been mentally whipped with information from both sides. Never in our lifetimes have we seen such a spectacle that has taken place over voting. It is easy to understand why so many are just plain exhausted.

Around the world other countries too are dealing with issues such as bombings, bad weather, disease and hunger. This is the time of the year we look to for celebration. Hopefully, we don’t forget what it is we are celebrating. We have our families, our friends, our hopes and our dreams to embrace. It is these things that give us the strength to carry on.

It is important to remember that when a ship is adrift it can wander into the wrong port…….a port that may appear to give shelter, but may really be a pirate’s den. How do we know the safe harbor from the dangerous one? This is where leadership comes in…..a true leader is like a lighthouse that beckons to those who wander in the darkness. A true leader believes in a Higher Power………and knows that he or she must answer to God in all that they do. A true leader understands the responsibility of their position……that what they do ethically and morally will affect future generations. To hurt the children is to do damage to an entire society, from the rich to the poor. A true leader doesn’t just promise the dessert…..they give the main dish too, for true nourishment. It is hard to be a true leader, because not everyone will like you. Not everyone wants to eat their vegetables.

A true leader is a healer……….not a divider of souls. Compassionate, but not a Fool. A true leader believes in Law. A true leader knows that not “everything and everyone” is okay. A true leader is aware that Evil exists, but that the power of Love and Goodness can overcome it. A true leader does the best they can to love their fellow man. Sometimes when it seems that things are at their darkest, suddenly in the distance a light appears that grows stronger with time.

Shine a Light,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2000 Jennifer Avalon

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