Human beings have an uncanny ability to under or overvalue just about everything. Rarely are things, on a general scale, looked at as fair value. Our own worth of ourselves too can fall victim to this scenario. In a world that sways back and forth in competition, is it any surprise why some of us underestimate our potential and fail to see our inner gifts?

We too can make mistakes and judge others incorrectly. It takes time and a little distance to see the full impact of what a person can contribute. Worth in our society can get real dicey. A person’s worth can be judged by their age, race, religion, finances, etc. When was the last time we heard that each life is priceless, and everyone can contribute to make this world a better place, in their own unique way? Some just give up and say, “To heck with this!” A sorry state indeed, which leads many to corrupt themselves and commit crimes. Self-esteem is one of the vital building blocks of life, yet many fall into the trap, over time, of feeling worthless.

I would like to share a little story with you that the owner of my local coffee shop told me: “Jennifer,” he said, “I have this guy who comes in everyday before he heads off to the race track, to put his money on the horse of the day. It’s easy for him to lose two hundred dollars a week, yet he argues with me over every penny he has to pay for a cup of coffee, buttered roll, or doughnut. He’s never short of money for the race track, but it’s quite often that he asks me if he can pay me tomorrow.” This is an example of how worth plays a roll in our lives. The brand new car, that costs forty-thousand dollars…..we can plop down, go in debt, not bat an eyelash. But, it’s easy to forget to telephone a person who’s a relative or a friend to tell them we love them. These are the trappings we must keep in perspective.

There is worth in life………and it is up to each one of us to assign the correct value. Not what we see on television…….but, what deep down inside we know in our hearts. The more true value we have in our lives, the more we can appreciate living.

Find the value,

Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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