Breath of Life

We breathe in air thousands of times a day….each breath unto itself is a miracle. Every time we breathe in and exhale, we reaffirm the existence of the Force of Life. Isn’t it strange that after a while these breaths are taken for granted? As if there are endless more to be taken…..
The length of each breath determines the amount of oxygen we allow into our lungs. I know for me it’s easy to take short breaths automatically….but boy, when I sit back and take in a large extended breath, wow! Exercise forces us to take in more air then we normally would. For me, the more air I take in, the more alive I feel.

The air we breathe has value… many daily fight for each breath, just to stay alive because of illness? Yet when we sit back and relax, and let ourselves take the time, we understand this vital connection to Life. Oxygen is priceless. It is free, and so many of us take it for granted. There are many governments, that if they could, they would surely impose a tax upon it!!! That’s the beauty…..air is for everyone. A right of birth.

What would happen if a group of friends, or a family, sat down together for one hour a week and just took long breaths of air? Would it relax them? Would it let them feel more peaceful? Would it give them time to stop and reflect? Can you see it now…..the front page of the daily newspaper announcing “The Breathing Session Phenomenon!” Hey, things could be worse!!!

It’s easy to forget to sit back and just breathe instead of running around at the speed of sound. To breathe is to live…..the more we breathe, the more we live.

Take a deep breath,

love, Jennifer Avalon
© 2001 Jennifer Avalon

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